Most of us assume that the air inside our homes or offices is much cleaner and healthier than outside. But taking this for granted could be a very serious mistake. Within our own homes there are very polluting elements that are also dangerous to our health due to its toxicity. The 5 main elements and products that pollute the air in our home are: 

  1. The Combustion

It is estimated that the gases produced by domestic stoves cause the death of 4 million people a year. This category includes fireplaces, ovens and heaters. Perhaps you had not thought about it, but the burning of gases and all the resulting particles of the process are a huge source of pollutants inside the buildings of the world.

  1. Organic compounds

They are compounds that emit vapors that are very harmful for the environment. They are found in many products that we use domestically: paint, printers, bathroom curtains, glue... Etc. and contrary to what is believed, the internal levels of VOCs are up to 5 times greater than those of the exterior.

  1. Mold and Fungi

Most are not aware of this facet of fungi, which is the amazing ability of some species of fungi to metabolize toxic compounds such as pesticides, industrial dyes and benzene derivatives to less toxic and even harmless compounds such as CO2 and H2O, eliminating their bioavailability and this is the risk for the rest of living beings.

  1. Pests and Stool

Many more buildings than we think are plagued by rats, cockroaches and dust mites. All these animals leave behind allergenic feces and even parts of their body. Rodent urine can cause respiratory problems...

  1. Chemicals

Also, it is also highly polluting the use of solvents such as household insecticides, fungicides, germicide, air conditioning systems and external dust. Other pollutant factors in the household are the use of sewage, ammonia, organic waste, plastic, paints and batteries.

Fortunately, as technology advances, we have more possibilities to protect our families and ourselves. There are systems that are able to purify the air of our home and provide the environmental quality we deserve. Is the case of Radarcan’s MITES REPELLER & AIR PURIFIER HOME.


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