We have already seen that heat is coming and, with it, the imminent arrival of hungry mosquitoes ready to fill their stomachs. To avoid mosquito bites as much as possible, there are some tips: 

  1. If we avoid areas where insects have their nests, we will reduce the possibilities to bite us. For example, dustbins or stagnant water are some of their favorite places to avoid.
  2. The hours of dusk and dawn are the times when most mosquito bites occur. Therefore, if we can avoid going out at that hour, we reduce the chances of bites.
  3. It is important to know that perfumes or soaps with sweet fragrances attract insects and especially mosquitoes, so it is preferable to avoid its use for not inviting them to bite us.
  4. Also strong odors such as sweating or foot odor attract mosquitoes and invite them to bite, so it is important to maintain proper personal hygiene not to attract them.
  5. The more we cover our skin, the more protected we'll be. If we can wear clothing that covers the skin as long sleeves and long socks, it will be better for us.
  6. Remember that mosquitoes go to light so avoid leaving the light turned on if the windows are open so that we don't fill the house of mosquitoes.
  7. Obviously, if we can use mosquito net for bed or crib, we create a physical barrier that will protect us from insects overnight.
  8. Use mosquito protection. It is preferable to avoid chemicals that can be harmful to health and bet on the most specialized technologies, such as Radarcan® PORTABLE MOSQUITO REPELLER, a device that protects you 24 hours a day in the most practical, comfortable and hygienic way, without using chemicals or harmful products
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