It is not the first time we spoke about how curious ants are. These insects live in large nests forming large companies, characterized by the division of labor, communication between individuals and cooperation. Thus, thanks to their social organizations, they can solve challenges and tasks that each individual could not do individually.

Did you know that an anthill has been discovered stretching from Spain to Italy? It is an army of Argentine ants, a super colony made up of millions of anthills that extends along 6,000 kilometers of coastline. This finding was discovered in 2002 and represented one of the most extraordinary examples of social organization seen in nature, which was unprecedented.

Besides being extremely organized, they are very necessary for the Earth, far more than humans. Overall, there are about 12,580 species of ants around the world. (That means there is twice variety of mammals, representing about 15% of the mass of living organisms on the planet).

If ants were extinct, the imbalance would produce a global chaos and would be catastrophic, scientists say. Ecosystems would be badly damaged and deteriorate quickly, enhancing the loss of many other species.

Therefore, without ants, the planet will lose much of its biodiversity, since they meet a number of important roles in the environment.


Cooperation and social organization of these insects allows them to get what they want most times. Now, with the arrival of summer, meals and meetings in the garden and outdoor increase, becoming a paradise for ants. Luckily, with Radarcan®, we can protect ourselves in the most respectful way, both for us and for them, just getting them to go elsewhere.

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