Are you afraid to go for a walk because of the neighbor's dog?

Dogs, generally speaking, are probably one of the best pets to take home. Loving, loyal and playful, they are an ideal company with which to share your lifetime. However, sometimes it is not that they are not the best friend of man, but rather go on to become his great enemy. Some dogs growl when someone passes in front, they show their teeth, bark and may even bite and develop aggressive behaviors. Dog aggression includes any conduct involving intimidation or harm to a person. So, many people have developed fear and animosity toward dogs, either by a bad experience in the past or simply because they are afraid of them. Thus, some people have a very hard time when they have to deal with a situation where they must intersect with a dog or go ahead of him, for fear that the dog chase or attack them. But we cannot allow under any circumstances that the panic stops us from doing what we want, such as not going for a walk because of the fear of finding our neighbor’s dog. It is therefore important that, first, we try to rationalize the fear and identify where it comes to and slowly to go slowly overcoming it. The best we can do if we are coming across the animal is to ignore him, not to lend us important so we can get it over with the awkwardness of the situation. Some people react totally wrong throwing to run in order to escape ASAP on where the dog. Error. What it will probably get is that the animal pursues them as if it were a race, so it’s best to try to go unnoticed. There are other cases more specific where there’s only a dog or a group, with which we have to deal every day and that whatever reason, it gives us no confidence. To solve a problem routine like this and avoid that every day we have to face the nightmare, we can use a small portable system that, through the emission of ultrasounds, prevent the dog to come close to us in our walks, without any harmful effect to their health. So, we can enjoy any walk quietly without having to worry about anything.

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