Many people believe that cats do not have fleas and think that this problem only affects dogs. But this is not true. The hair and skin of our cat is a perfect accommodation for animal parasites such as fleas and ticks. Obviously, if our cat lives in an apartment, it is less likely to catch fleas - unlike a dog that leaves daily to the streets, parks and is in contact with other dogs. Fleas are the most common external parasites in the fur of the cat.

How do you know if your cat has fleas?

The most obvious signal that our cat has fleas is that he will scratch more often than usual. We must be especially attentive if scratched in the area behind the head, because that is where fleas usually installed. Another sign that indicates the possible presence of fleas is that our cat does not have the usual playfulness or show a less active role than usual. This is because of the itch that fleas cause a general malaise that can change their attitude. Finally, if your cat has fleas, it is likely that he insist you brush him more than usual. To check if your cat has fleas or not, you can do a simple visual inspection - in the case of cats with short hair. In these cases it will not be difficult to find the eggs - tiny dots of white - or their droppings - black. On the other hand, if the cat has long hair, what we have to do is brush it on a towel and check for eggs or droppings remains in it. Thus we must get down to work as soon as possible, if we find that the presence of fleas on our cat is real. Besides being very uncomfortable for our cat, it can get worse if we don't act in time.


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