We know that the warm season is coming and the mosquitoes are also back to annoy with their bites. In addition, with the heat of summer, it is also the time of summer camps and excursions, where children usually go every year to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors. What happens is that in these places is almost impossible to avoid mosquito bites or other insects, considering that children only want to enjoy playing and they are not going to be protecting themselves all the time. It is therefore important to find a good way to protect them all day without them having to be aware. First, we will reduce the bites if we get the child dress with long sleeves and long trousers as much as possible, although there is no doubt that it will be really difficult to control in this situation and may be uncomfortable for him in their outdoor activities. On the other hand, it is important to know that chemical repellents often used on the skin of children can be toxic and harmful to their health. On the one hand, because they can be harmful to their skin and secondly, because they may breathe the chemical elements of the product. Whereupon, you must be careful with the type of product you decide to use, taking into account the effects it can have on their health. Undoubtedly, the most practical and comfortable option to protect them is to use Radarcan® PORTABLE MOSQUITO REPELLER, a bracelet that helps protect your child from mosquito bites simply carrying it in his arm and without doing anything else. So he can enjoy any outdoor activity without having to worry about bites, thanks to its proven efficiency against common mosquito (Culex pipiens), Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), dengue mosquito (Aedes aegypti), and malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae).

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