In the last post we saw that dogs, as well as being a great company for many people, can become a great nightmare to others. Situations can be of any kind. They can be aggressive dogs, others who have not been educated properly, dogs with compulsive barking or just people who are very afraid of dogs for any reason. Thus, beyond that you like dogs or not, it is clear that sometimes their presence can be really uncomfortable. Many of these people feel fear toward dogs, coming to provoke panic and anxiety moments that become a daily nightmare. All those who suffer when they have to deal with a situation where they are forced to cross with a dog, are also entitled to be able to live in peace and that this fear does not stop them from doing what they want. Always with the priority of not causing any damage to the health of the animal, Radarcan® designed the PORTABLE DOG REPELLER to make easier the coexistence and help these people. Thanks to the INSONUERIT 5.0 technology, the PORTABLE DOG REPELLER ultrasound emission keeps the dogs away. Radarcan® devices do not use chemicals and always work in the most convenient and practical way. Without causing any harm to the animal, with the simple emission of the ultrasound, make the dog understand he should not come and lets you continue with your daily life without having to worry about anything. Without any doubt, it will become your best companion for a walk, hike or just pass in front of the neighbor's dog.

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