We know that the common factor between the three diseases - dengue , Chikungunya and Zika - is the mosquito that transmits the virus, the species Aedes Aegypti. And also that there is no treatment or vaccine to protect us from possible contagion. All we can do is treat the symptoms and prevent the complication of the virus effects.

As recommended by the authorities, the best we can do to avoid infection is to protect and try to reduce the chances of bites as much as possible. And, of course, to go to the a doctor if we detect any abnormalities or discomfort after suffering a bite .

RADARCAN® is your greatest ally against mosquitoes transmitters of Zika, dengue and Chikungunya. We tell you the why:

On one side, because RADARCAN® products have proven efficacy against Aedes aegypti. This mosquito is considered an important transmission vector of dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya or Zika. According to WHO, these species cause 50 million infections and 25,000 deaths a year. RADARCAN® MOSQUITO REPELLERS help prevent bites of this species, minimizing the risk of getting any disease. This is evidenced by studies specifically conducted by a prestigious university with results confirming a high degree of efficiency.

On the other side, they are 100% safe and harmless. There are many products on sale designed to ward off mosquitoes and insects in general. However, the vast majority uses chemicals and pesticides, which often are toxic and harmful to the health of people and animals. RADARCAN® products are free of chemicals and do not have any components that can be harmful to the health of humans, so its use is absolutely safe, convenient and odorless.

Moreover, its versatility and minimalist design allows you to use them in many ways and to fit the needs of each moment, being entirely suitable for both children and adults. So this summer do not forget to protect the Radarcan® devices and minimize the chance of infection.

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