Although they are not harmful or transmit diseases such as cockroaches, ants can become a pest in our homes and create a really uncomfortable situation.

If you've read our previous post, you know that ants are organized impeccably and they are able to reach almost all the places proposed. The colonies especially predominate in tropical forests; where in certain places can be up half the insect population.

However, they increasingly proliferate in urban environments. They remain omnivorous, but have a preference for fats. So their presence become a threat to those places where food is handled, stored or ingested. From restaurants, pantries and kitchens, ants will go wherever to collect the necessary food for the survival of their colony.

As always, it is essential to maintain a maximum hygiene care in these settings so they cannot have access to food. But hygiene is not everything and often can't be enough to keep them away from our home.

Final solution

Therefore, it is best that you make sure to protect your stays in the most practical and safe way, and respectful at the same time.

Undoubtedly, Radarcan® HOME ANT REPELLER is the best way to forget about ants once and for all. Besides using neither chemical products nor poisons, it works 100% safe and innocuous, achieving that the ants leave the place for own decision simply connecting the device.

Manufactured in Spain under strict quality standards, it is suitable for both children and adults and they do not need spare parts, which means a significant saving of money. The best option is to leave the HOME ANT REPELLER connected 24 hours a day as a measure of prevention, even when they are gone, to ensure that they will not return.

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