Given that ants represent between 15 and 20% of the total animal biomass on Earth, it is difficult to get rid of them sometimes. In fact, except human, few organisms have colonized the planet as effectively as ants. They are not directly harmful to health as cockroaches or pigeons could be, but the truth is that they can be really annoying. Cooperation and social organization of these insects allows them to get what they want most times, therefore, using traps or chemicals will never be a definitive solution. Thus, we need devices with specialized technologies that are able to really solve the problem long-term. Radarcan®, with its MAGNETICAE technology allows us to forget the ants forever. MAGNETICAE technology works by altering magnetic fields. The electrical wiring of a building generates a constant electromagnetic field around it. Ants use their antennae magnetite as a guidance system based on detecting small magnetic fields of the Earth. Ants, therefore, become disoriented and cannot organize nor work (or feed) and finally decide to leave the place without any intention of returning. The PEST COMPLETE REPELLER HOME incorporates this technology, with proven efficacy against the two most common kinds of ants (Black garden ant and Argentine Ant). In addition to protect us against ants, the PEST COMPLETE REPELLER HOME is a complete solution that will keep away mosquitoes (INSonuerit1.0 technology), rodents and cockroaches (INSonuerit3.0 technology) plus ants (MAGNETICAE technology). The PEST COMPLETE REPELLER HOME is the perfect solution to forget once and for all of these annoying visitors. You only need to connect it to power and leave it on 24 hours a day as a preventive measure, since it has a specific technology to fight each species. The most simple, practical and hygienic way to forget forever the presence of ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents.

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