Mosquitoes do not choose their victims because of the sweetness of their skin. They do it based on various factors. First, depending on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by the person breathing. A human being produces every day about one CO2 kg. Mosquitoes detect a pulse current inviting them to suck that fresh blood. So, to be a good victim you must meet the requirement to be a good CO2 emitter. 

Another of the reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to choose their victims is the lactic acid we emit while breathing or through sweat. Taller people and pregnant emit more CO2and lactic acid, which are perfect targets for mosquitoes, like people who exercise outdoors. Mosquitoes have 27 odorant receptors and lactic acid to detect the sweat that activates their radars. This substance, together with carbon dioxide, is an indicator that we are mammals and, therefore, we can provide blood. 

Genetics also play an important role in the decision. As explained Diego Hoyos, pharmacist, the blood group 0 is their favorite.

So, in fact, we can do nothing to prevent being elected. While we can avoid doing activities and sweating outdoors in areas where there are many mosquitoes, the best choice is to protect us wherever we go with a device that is both comfortable and effective.

To protect your home, it is best to bet on the most specialized technologies and focus on what’s practical and hygienic, free from chemicals and toxic products.


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