The ceiling is like heaven for mice, a warm, dry and safe place, which allows them to build nests and remain calm with nobody bothering them. In addition, they dislike direct light, so dark spaces like attics and ceilings become the perfect place to be. The presence of mice in the ceiling is a serious thing. Besides the discomfort of having mice at home, there are several risks that must not be underestimated. On the one hand, the economic damage, taking into account that they often attack our food and that, with their activity they may damage doors, walls and the wiring of our home. On the other hand, and although his presence does not represent a serious threat to people, roof mice can carry more than 30 diseases, which implies a risk to health. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the problem as son as possible. HOW TO ERRADICATE THEM: There are different options to get rid of mice in the ceiling:

  1. Traditional traps: Lifelong traps. They have evolved and are usually a fairly inexpensive option. However, for some people it is quite unpleasant having to remove the bodies of the injured or dead mice also considering that his death can be avoided if we use other systems. When using this method, it is important that once we get rid of mice, we have to seal to the last entry point to be sure they cannot return.
  2. Chemicals: Chemical products are other options we can use to get rid of the pest. The most expensive can be very effective because it aims to destroy everything they find, but for that reason, these products can be very harmful to the rest of living beings that are in the area, because they permeate the air of harmful chemicals to health.
  3. Poison: Is often one of the first methods people use, just as in the previous case, the problem with poison is that is harmful to humans and animals. If you have children, household pets, farm animal or nearby wildlife, you will need to be especially careful when using this option. And obviously, it is always better to get rid of mice without killing them.
  4. Innovative technologies: Whereas the ceiling is one of the most complex and inaccessible place to humans, the safest option to get ride of mice is to use a specialized technology as INSonuerit3.0, created by RADARCAN, that affects mice through hearing making them disappear in the most hygienic and comfortable way, without using poison or chemicals and without killing them. Have a look to our PREMIUM RATS / MICE REPELLERS.

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