We already warned you in the last post that with the arrival of summer, some insects like cockroaches increase their activity and go outside, especially in urban environments. Therefore, it is necessary to have some clear steps to eliminate cockroaches and do not let them spoil your summer:

The first thing to do is review a strict hygiene measures. It is essential that the home is in perfect conditions of hygiene and ventilation so that the plague cannot proliferate and we can eradicate cockroaches as soon as possible. Given that these insects thrive where access to food, water and shelter, we should avoid leaving dirty dishes or food debris, be careful to leave open drinks indoors (especially beer or juice), store garbage in a bucket tight lid and thoroughly clean any deposits of fat as well as the kitchen and appliances regularly.

If hygiene measures are not enough, there are other methods that will help us eliminate cockroaches once and for all:

Home / Natural Remedies: There are countless home remedies to eradicate cockroaches although their use will not be a definitive solution, but can be useful until we find the final solution. Examples include boric acid with sugar, lavender and laurel, baking, etc.

Sprays or sprays: These are products that act quick but they are not effective in the long term because they do not prevent them to come back in the near future. In addition, many of them can be harmful to the health of people and household pets.

Fumigation / Pest: One of the most expensive systems and is recommended when the problem is really serious and there is no other way to solve it, however, are toxic products which, by their nature, are harmful to humans.

Innovative technologies: As cockroaches are one of the most resistant insects and with an amazing adaptation to the environment, it’s better to ensure close and to finally decide to use Radarcan® HOME MOUSE | COCKROACH REPELLER with its specialized technology, INSonuerit3.0, that through ultrasound provides an effective and practical protection and make the cockroaches go away without killing them (and thus avoiding the bodies found at home) and with a continuous protection, making sure they do not return.


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