The fact that you have mice at home doesn't necessarily mean that you have to resort to more aggressive methods to get rid of them. When we talk about how to get rid of mice and most pets, we always have different methods. Among them are natural repellents, traps, electronic systems or chemicals. The problem is that many of them have harmful effects that sometimes we don't know or that we overlook, also because most times we don't have the necessary information.

It is important to note that many chemical pesticides have harmful components for both our pets and us. Traps, on the other hand, are a traditional solution that has been used throughout history by the simple fact that there is no alternative. Today, we don't think that is necessary to kill the animals, on the one hand because of the respect for the ecosystem and on the other hand, because it is not hygienic for us and can even be dangerous to our health.

As much as humans are the most developed species in the world, we are not alone on the Earth and we must learn to live together with all living beings on our planet. For this reason we should use other systems that solve the problem in the same way, but at the same time are respectful with all species and with the environment and to not try to end the life of any living being.

Luckily, Radarcan® INsonuerit technology has been designed to offer an alternative to all these systems. Based on the issuance of a specific frequency of ultrasound to get rid of mice, getting them to disappear quickly but without killing any of them. This technology operates 100% respectful and is much more practical, hygienic and easy to use, because you only need to connect it to the stream to start working. In addition, unlike chemicals, INSonuerit 3.0 technology has no adverse effect on the health of people or pets.


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