Cats are usually very good pets and a good company at home. However, there are situations in which these naughty animals can be a big hassle. Some stray cats enter in gardens, digging the earth or ruining the plants, others prefer to live in garages and do there its needs, and even some domestic neighborhood cats may decide to sneak into your house to see what is happening there. So, in case you are a victim of their pranks, we tell you some things you should know to keep them away:

What can you do?

Some people believe that using physical barriers or fences may solve the problem, but given the incredible jumping ability of cats, is an option that ends up being quite ineffective. Other people use natural products with aromas that supposedly repel cats. For example, it is said that lemongrass, lavender or coleus are aromas that naturally repel them. So, although it is not a permanent solution, it can help sometimes. To protect a garden, you can use water sprinklers to scare the cats. It is well known that cats hate water, so it is a good option to have the area covered with sprinklers that are activated with any movement for cats flee quickly and stop teasing. However, it is not an economical option in any way. Also, in the market, we can find commercial chemical cat repellents if the problem is really serious. But most of them can be harmful to animals and are not environmentally friendly, so we don’t recommend its use because our goal should never be causing any harm to the health of any animal, but simply get them to stop bothering us. So, if we want to be respectful with the animals and at the same time we want to achieve an effective protection, the best option is to employ the most specialized technologies, which, besides being a very economical system are the most practical and deterrent solution to avoid the approximation of cats in any area. This is the case of the INVISIBLE FENCE FOR DOGS & CATS PRO, equipped with INSonuerit4.0 technology that causes stimulation in cats that makes unbearable their stay in the coverage area causing them to move away quickly. So this way, we get effective protection being respectful at the same time and in no way harming the health of the cats nor the environment.

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