We have seen in the last two weeks how dust mites can affect our health and their harmful affects on us. In addition, inside homes, where we spend most of our time, the air is usually very polluted. Contrary to popular belief, in many cases, becomes worse the air inside the houses than the outside pollution. Stale air from the smoke, dust, bad smells or air conditioning is also very harmful to those who breathe. Concretely is because the concentration of positive ions (which are harmful for our health). Conversely, negative ions display a very positive influence on our environment. Ions are tiny airborne particles electrically charged. Thus, negative ions provide a sense of comfort, wellness, relaxation, concentration, growth and improvement of cognitive development. Because of its biological action, provide welfare and improve air quality, so they are also known as "air vitamin". These beneficial air ions naturally occur, for example, with moving water cascade or the chlorophyll function of the plants.

But what can we do to achieve this effect in our homes?

RADARCAN® has developed a device that generates the same effect of nature. Thanks to technology ION.EVO1.0, the MITES REPELLER & AIR PURIFIER HOME ionizes the environment, achieving the same effect that occurs in nature. On the other hand, we have seen that dust mites are the cause of 70 % of respiratory allergies, allergies affecting 7 out of 10 citizens. Therefore, it is important to take to reduce its effects. That's why the MITES REPELLER & AIR PURIFIER HOME incorporates the INSonuerit 6.0 technology, which acts on dust mites, fighting them changing their life cycle to reduce their harmful effects. The MITES REPELLER & AIR PURIFIER HOME can purify the air without the need for motors or fans, with a totally silent operation. It is the perfect tool for providing environmental health to our homes and it is essential for allergic and asthmatic people, hypersensitive as children or people with respiratory problems.


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