If there are three things that mosquitoes worship above all, these are: heat, humidity and children. Without any doubt, the warm and humid areas are much more likely to suffer the presence of these unwelcome insects. And who spend more time outdoors during the summer than children? No one. Therefore, in these times, the combination summer - mosquitoes - outdoor activities can become a nightmare for both them and us. Children's skin is much more sensitive than adults to insect bites and in most cases they are much more annoying. Moreover, as children have no limit when scratching, they generate wounds that can become a problem later. The best we can do is remember the preventive measures that will help us reduce bites.

On the one hand, we will reduce bites if we achieve that child wears long sleeves and long trousers as much as possible, since this way it will be getting harder to mosquitoes. Obviously, the more we will cover their skin, they will be better protected. The same if we can avoid going to the areas where insects have nests such as dustbins or backwaters, also we will reduce the bites. It will also help to know that the hours of sunrise and sunset are times when there is a greater presence of mosquitoes and, therefore, is when most bites occur. So , whenever possible, it is recommended that children do not go outside these hours if the presence of mosquitoes is very high.

It is worth remembering that chemical repellents often used on the skin of children can be toxic and harmful to their health. On the one hand, because they can be harmful to their skin and secondly, because they breathe the chemical elements of the product. Whereupon, we should be careful with the type of product that we decided to use, taking into account the effects it can have on their health and always bet on the methods that are more respectful of the skin and welfare of children.

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