In the last post we saw the number of diseases that mice can transmit to humans. Besides serious diseases, mice can produce physical damage to the walls, wooden beams, pipes, electrical cables, etc. These end up causing big material damage and economic losses. Without any doubt, there are many reasons to get rid of mice and to drive them away from our house. To avoid them coming home, prevention is always the best tool. Maintain a good hygiene at home is essential, especially in the kitchen, avoid leaving crumbs and food scraps and closing out the trash. On the other hand, it is good to revise the walls to block any opening from where the mouse could enter. It is also important to avoid stacking objects such as old boxes or wood debris that could be a potential haven for mice. If prevention has not been enough or has not arrived on time and you suspect that mice have already visited your home, it’s time to do something else and rush to use a mouse repellent with an effective method to end the nightmare. For this, as always, we have several options:

  • Natural Repellents: Many people claim that there are natural repellents for mice, such as herbs with an unpleasant odor that drive them away. This is the case of mint, bay leaves or peppermint. This method can be used in a short term as we seek the ultimate solution.
  • Traps: Traditional traps have been used throughout history to get rid of mice. However, its use does not avoid the death of the animal or the fact that you need to collect the bodies (with disease vectors)
  • Chemicals and poisons: Chemicals and poisons have also been used throughout history, especially when humans did not know its harmful effects. In some cases, these products are highly toxic and can affect people living in the area. Just as it happens with the traps, its use does not avoid the death of the animals and the presence of the bodies that will be scattered around the floor.
  • Specialized technologies: Thanks to advances in technology, companies like Radarcan have been able to design products that solve the problems of all the other methods. Through the use of ultrasound, so annoying for mice, we force them to leave home without the need of end their lives, without harmful effects on humans and in the most hygienic, comfortable and practical way, only connecting the MOUSE | COCKROACH REPELLER HOME to the mains. Moreover, it is the only method that ensures that rodents will not return, because the protection remains active 24 hours a day, even when they are gone, preventing their return.

So if we are looking for an effective, lasting solution that does not harm animals, the best option is to opt for the most innovative and specialized technologies to ensure the end of the presence of rats and mice once and for all, recovering the peace in our homes.


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