AIR PURIFIER FOR HOME: In recent weeks we have discovered many things we did not know like the excess of pollution inside the car or in the cities and probably we are considering doing something about it. But surely we believe that when we got home the problem ends. Nothing could be further from the truth. In indoor spaces like homes, unfortunately, there’s the same problem. Compounds within our home may be affecting the health of those who live in it, and may even exceed external contamination, since we are talking about smaller indoor places (where we spend 90% of our time). Pollution inside homes is generally produced by heating, domestic cooking, cigarette smoke, poor ventilation or distribution of domestic fuel products having atmospheric emissions (wools, coal, gas, etc.). Also, it is also highly polluting the use of solvents such as household insecticides, fungicides, germicide, air conditioning systems and external dust. Other pollutant factors in the household are the use of sewage, ammonia, organic waste, plastic, paints and batteries. Tips to control pollution in the home:

No smoking indoors areas. Fortunately, in many countries, is already banned smoking in bars and restaurants. So it should be in every home. Cigarette smoke affects not only smoking but also which do not, by breathing contaminated air.

Do not raise dust. Dust of our house also heavily contaminated the air, so it is best to try not lift and remove it with a damp cloth.

Air the house out at least once a day. Open windows or doors for contaminated substances to lock out and harm our health.

Avoid chemicals that pollute the air in our home as the use of insecticides and fungicides.

Protect yourself. Fortunately, as technology advances, we have more possibilities to protect our families and ourselves. There are systems that are able to purify the air of our home and provide the environmental quality we deserve. Is the case of Radarcan’s MITES REPELLER & AIR PURIFIER HOME. This system works through the ionization effect found in nature, achieving the same effect and generating negatively charged ions. We already know the advantage of negatively charged ions for our health, and therefore, we must use these technologies as soon as possible so that in our homes we could have and air healthier to breathe. In addition, the MITES REPELLER & AIR PURIFIER HOME is especially designed for allergic, asthmatic or hypersensitive individuals, because as well as provides a fresh and clean air, also combat dust allergy through an anti-mite system.

Life is changing, contamination does not stop and therefore issues a few decades ago were not important now become urgent. So the best we can do is protect our homes and ensure that, at least at home, we are safe.


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