Go camping or spending a few days living in harmony with nature can be a great idea to enjoy good family time. However, contact with nature also involves the visit of insects that will not hesitate to keep us company, as is the case of our dear mosquitoes. So, here are some recommendations so they do not ruin the plan:

1. When you go camping, avoid as far as possible bright colors and sweet colonies: mosquitoes are most attracted to.

2. Wear clothing that covers your skin when you go outside: long sleeves, long pants and socks.

3. Avoid camping areas where insects have their nests: dustbins, water rafts, food waste sites, etc.

4. Try to avoid going out at dawn and dusk, as are the times of day in when most bites occur and mosquitoes are more active. At these hours, try to stay sheltered inside or somewhere where there are no mosquitoes.

5. Use mosquito net whenever possible, to sleep safe from mosquitoes and prevent them from ruining your night.

6. Maintain proper body hygiene because sweating and also strong odors, such as the feet, may attract them a lot.

7. Use an outdoor mosquito repeller. Outdoor mosquito repellers such as Radarcan® PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER, which can be shaped bracelet, will be the ideal companion to help you and you family reduce bites. In addition, when running without spare parts, it will protect you 24 hours a day without you having to be aware and we'll be protected everywhere we go. More practical and hygienic impossible.

Remember that mosquitoes also join the camping plan. But luckily, you have Radarcan® PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER to help reduce bites the most comfortable way.

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