Many of us have heard of it, but few really know how to define what is an atom or ion with positive or negative charge. In this post we'll explain in the simplest way, so that you know the benefits of negative ions on the health of humans. An atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element. Within each atom, there are even smaller elements called protons, neutrons and electrons. When these atoms have an excess or lack of electrons, ionization occurs, thereby giving rise to negatively charged ions and positively charged ions. To better understand the process, watch this video.

Once we know what negatively charged ions are, we need to know that, contrary to what its name suggests, these ions display a very positive influence on our environment. There is a great benefit of these ions on our health because of its biological action, so they are also known as “air vitamin”. The big problem is that in recent years, humanity is seriously contributing to increasing the production of positively charged ions through pollution and technological devices. For example: TV, computers, Wi-Fi or air conditioning systems are generating positively charged ions. And so, we have to be careful. (As with the alarming degree of reduction of negatively charged ions in the car, that deserves special consideration as we’ve seen in this post.) It is considered that an atmosphere is healthy when the air we breathe is in balance. Let’s see which is the advantage of negatively charged ions on our health:

  • Negatively charged ions allow our respiratory system work better by removing substances that can be harmful.
  • Negatively charged ions allow our mind to be fresh, with a more physical and mental performance.
  • Negatively charged ions help the functioning of our digestive system.
  • Negatively charged ions stimulate sexual activity and positive influence on the fertility of men and women.
  • Negatively charged ions help your skin to fight acne, burns or skin problems.
  • The lack of negatively charged ions can influence decreased production of serotonin, which can cause stress, insomnia, anxiety, etc. Therefore, negative ions allow us to relax more easily.

These beneficial ions are generated naturally, for example, with moving water of cascades or with the chlorophyll function of plants. And thanks to advances in technology, there are systems that can also generate negatively charged ions to improve the quality of the air we breathe. It is important to be aware of the air we breathe and the effects it has on our body and to so something about it. Just as no one in their right mind would prefer drinking contaminated water, we shouldn’t be happy breathing air that is not healthy for our bodies.


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