We know that not everyone is happy with the arrival of good weather. To many people, it means dealing with allergic reactions caused by the arrival of spring, a problem that can seriously affect driving. In fact, the effects of allergies in the car cause distractions that can come to cause car crashes. So here are some tips to help you avoid allergies while driving:

Change the air filter: The air filter of your car is capable of trapping particles inside those we can find all types of pollen, dust, and also much of the bacteria. Therefore, it is important to change the air filter regularly to prevent these substances from spreading.

Drive with the windows closed: With the windows closed, you'll prevent pollen from entering in the vehicle, especially when you are driving on a road with many plants and vegetation around.

Avoid traveling with pets: If it's possible, avoid traveling with pets, as their hair generates a lot of allergies, considering that it retains parasites, dirt and pollen from plants. If you cannot avoid it and you're forced to travel with animals, it is important that you wash them at least once a week to prevent heavy allergic reactions.

Keep the interior clean: As usual, hygiene is basic to achieve a good and healthy environment. Especially if the car upholstery is cloth, the best option is to use a steam cleaner or hot water with a sponge to keep the vehicle clean and to eliminate elements that may cause allergies.

Drive with sunglasses: To reduce itching and watering eyes it is best to wear sunglasses. Also, this way, your eyes will be more protected and you'll reduce allergic reactions.

Help yourself with the most specialized technologies: There are devices designed to improve the air quality inside your car. Of course, avoiding the use of chemicals, that could be harmful to your health. Radarcan® AIR PURIFIER CAR will help you improve the air quality inside your car, creating a healthy environment for you and your family.


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