In recent weeks we have learned a lot of things about rodents, what gives us the power to act in the best way in case of they visit our homes or buildings. As always, the first thing we should consider to get rid of rats invading our space is the magnitude of the problem, since depending on the number of visitors, we’ll take a course of an action or another.

We must never forget that one of the most important things we need to do is to manage generated waste in the most hygienic way. So the best method to control rat infestations is prevention, which comes to implement certain hygienic measures like avoiding the accumulation of dust and food, to store food in the refrigerator or to use tight-fitting lids for trash. If it’s too late, there are several methods that can be performed to get rid of rats.

Obviously, each building has peculiarities that make them unique and therefore there’s not an homogeneous solution that can be applied to all cases. It is not the same an old building with holes in the walls that a new house with abundant supplies of food or an establishment with a large garden that provides shelter for rats. That’s why most experts warn that the secret to success in get rid of rats is to recognize that there’s no single solution to the problem but it is best to implement combinatorial techniques to eliminate the problem and to prevent any repetitions.

The options are similar to those explained in the post “How to get rid of mice in the ceiling”, so let’s review them.

Obviously, everyone can choose his favorite weapon while taking into account he possible consequences of this decision:

Traditional traps: They can work if the magnitude of the problem is very small but, besides being the most laborious method, it does not avoid the death of the animal so it is required to collect the bodies (disease vectors) once set the trap.

Chemicals and poisons: Are probably the best known method the most sold in the market as the most used, especially years ago when no one knew that they were harmful to humans. In some cases, they are highly toxic and can produce symptoms that affect the rest of human beings and, on the other hand, they can produce resistance and wear off in rodents. As with the above method, we don’t avoid the death of the animal and the presence of bodies remaining after using the products.

Specialized electronic technologies: They are the latest trend in the market to get rid of rats and insects. Technological advances have allowed companies like Radarcan to be able to design products through ultrasound that bother the rats and get them away from the establishment in the most hygienic and practical way without having to do anything more and preventing that they could return after a while. At the slightest sign of infestation, be sure to protect you home ASAP with Radarcan’s PREMIUM RAT / MOUSE / ROACH / BAT REPELLER PRO.


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