Ants are harmless insects, but in no case they’re friendly visits if you have a plague at home. These insects live in very numerous and structured groups with a high level of social organization and have a taste for human food, which explains its link to urban areas and their presence in the kitchens. There are several ways to prevent ants from entering your home: First, we must review the sanitary measures and the distribution of waste we do. It is important that everything is clean and airy, and it is essential to do not leave food scraps anywhere because it is what most attracts them. Secondly, we can use organic products such as garlic, lavender or mint, because ants dislike its smell and probably prefer to go elsewhere. However, it is not a final solution to get rid of ants once and for all. Another option is to use traps or baits with boric acid, although not the most respectful, much less. The idea is to put it in areas where ants live so that when ingested, stomachs are poisoned and die. Besides being a cruel method it is dangerously toxic especially for children and pets who could taste it in an oversight. Whereupon, it is not recommended. On the other hand, we can use chemicals and pesticides, one of the most commonly used methods. However, as in the previous case, these products are potentially toxic to humans and contaminate particles from the air of our home. Thus, the remedy may end up being worse than the disease. Finally, thanks to advances in technology, there is an effective and specialized method, which provides the most practical, hygienic and respectful way to get rid of ants. Through altering the magnetic fields that guide them and simply connecting it to the mains, these devices are able to get the ants go elsewhere and not return, without the need of killing them.

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