Cockroaches definitely top the list of world’s most disgusting and hated insects. However, there are some facts we don’t know about them and that, at least, make the cockroaches become very interesting critters. So here are some facts we bet you don’t know about them: What should we know about cockroaches?

  • They have been around before dinosaurs: Cockroaches existed for over 300 million years ago. They survived all kinds of changes and situations and there are fossils of over a hundred species that have been found from the Triassic period. They are known by the generic name of Periplaneta, which means: “who wanders everywhere”. There are currently more than 3,500 families of cockroaches in the world.
  • They live in a democracy: Cockroaches govern themselves in a very simple way of living, similar to human’s democracy, where each insect has equal standing and group consultations precede every decision that affect the entire group, indicates a study from The Free University of Brussels. Their way of living is based on cooperation.
  • They could survive a nuclear attack: In a post-apocalyptic era for nuclear causes in which neither of us would exist, cockroaches would be running around happily. They are the most resistant insects and therefore the most difficult to exterminate. Its resistance to insecticides is also increasing.
  • They are transmitters of more than thirty diseases: In cockroaches’ bodies have been found microorganism like bacteria triggers of diseases in humans (dysentery, pharyngitis, cardiac infections or fetal death, among many others). Therefore, their presence, besides a hygiene problem, it’s a serious health risk.
  • Nervous system distributed throughout the body: The nervous system of cockroaches is spread throughout the body. It is said that they “think with the periphery of the body” because their behavior is based on the large number of sensors that they have in the peripheral nervous system. This is the main reason that ultrasound is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them because they affect their perception system, causing them a discomfort that they can’t stand so they decide to leave the area.

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