Mosquitoes bite, that's something we all know and we remember especially every time the summer is back. But, what is the reason?

First and contrary to what many believe, the only ones that perform bites are females. To lay eggs, the females need to feed on blood of mammals, as this gives them the proteins to prove fertile eggs. That's why females have a long thin trunk, which is like a small needle and allows it to pierce the skin of mammals, including us, to suck blood. To facilitate the flow of blood through his trunk, the mosquito injects small amounts of saliva.

In this saliva, mosquitoes have a protein with anticoagulant properties, which introduce into our bloodstream when the bite occurs. What makes this protein is to prevent platelets from forming a clot, so that the mosquito manages to keep blood flowing easily as they bite us and swallow. Our immune system recognize it as foreign proteins, and acts by releasing histamine. That is the reason of skin swell, redden and itch so hateful that is generated when a mosquito bites us. We could say that is a kind of mild allergic reaction produced by the mosquito saliva injected in our body.

Therefore, they are never male mosquitoes who bite us. As they don't lay eggs, they don't need blood and can feed on nectar, sap and fruit juices, which are rich in sugars. Females, however, always be on the lookout for your blood to be provided with the necessary proteins that allow them to put their babies and keep increasing the cycle. To protect your home, it is best to bet on the most specialized technologies and focus on what's practical and hygienic, free from chemicals and toxic products.

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