If you've read our last post, you'll know that male mosquitoes do not bite and are only females who bite when pregnant, to feed their eggs. Another curious behavior related to mosquitoes is the fact that female mosquitoes fly away from males once they have been fertilized. This is demonstrated by a recent study conducted by a prestigious university, which tried to determinate how many times a female of the Aedes albopictus specie mates.

According to the findings of the study, females mate only once in their lives, because they have the ability to store sperm in bags inside their body and fertilize themselves whenever they want.

Once the female has been fertilized and are pregnant, it reduces its activity significantly and only reactivates its flight when it detects the smell of human blood, ready to bite to feed their eggs. In this state, the study says, it is observed that females avoid male mosquitoes and try to escape from them.

Radarcan® devices use Sonuerit Technology, based on these two facts. On the one hand, considering that only females bite and secondly, by the fact that they avoid the males when they have been fertilized. Thus, the Sonuerit technology imitates the flapping flight of the male mosquito, getting females, which are itchy, stay away from the area.

Therefore, Radarcan® PERSONAL STECHMÜCKE REPELLER acts driving away female mosquitoes and preventing there approach, therevy reducing the chances of bites.

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