You get up on Monday morning, eat your breakfast and try to be positive. But, when you go out ready to have a good day, it happens. Again. Your car, you’d washed with patience and care the day before, is full of gifts that have left the pigeons to you. Surprise! Given that the acidity of pigeon excrement corrodes and deteriorates car paint, you better clean it as soon as possible. Pigeons are like that, they live to brighten your days in the most difficult moments. The better is the day when one of them decides that your head is the perfect place to relieve itself. So, from that day, pigeons will become once and for all, your worst enemy on Earth.

But why more and more pigeons?

First, know that pigeons originally nested in rocky cliffs and buildings of cities pretty well mimic the natural habitat of the rock. The oldest buildings are the most suitable for nesting. Besides a good habitat, cities provide food, water, shelter and ideal spaces to build their nests. Nor are natural enemies in large urban areas, so they can live quietly without concern in a good environment and weather conditions in which they feel comfortable. All this wouldn’t be a problem if it were not that pigeons are the bird specie considered the most dangerous pest that exist. It is considered that the density of birds is higher than recommended when the number of pigeons exceeds 1000 per square miles. In cities like Barcelona (Spain), it is estimated that are more than 725,000 birds per square miles, a truly worrying figure that municipalities consider a serious public health problem.  

Pigeons, also known as “flying rats”, are increasingly hated every day, while their presence doesn’t stop to increase in urban areas. They are everywhere: in public squares, in the streets, in the trees, everything is crowded with pigeons that are dedicated to making like difficult for humans. They harm historic monuments and building facades, soil the clothes hanging, the cars and the balconies and attack any rest of food you can leave to their sight, every day with less and less fear. It is also true that human beings have come to believe the only living being worthy of living on the Earth and in fact, should take a more considered approach when dealing with these issues, which would be much easier if the pigeons were a little more respectful. Anyway, some experts luckily helps us to prevent pigeons from perching on our balcony, terrace or Windows and get a 24-hour protection both at home and in our business. These systems prevent the birds come to roost in the area, while respecting the animal without any harmful effect on their health because, like it or not, we need each other and we have to learn to coexist.


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